For a few pennies a day, you could change the life of a veteran.  Your donation will help show our nation's heroes they are not forgotten.
Join our volunteer team and stand with us as we strive to make a difference.
The money you donate today will forever change the life of a veteran. Help us stop the 22 veterans we lose every day.
True Patriot Inc is a veteran founded charity organization that is driven to provide relief,  support, joy, and loyalty to our nations active duty military, veterans, and their families through our Patriot Therapy and Vet-Connect Programs designed to foster camaraderie so that veterans can rediscover the brotherhood they had during service and connect veterans to opportunities they need to live a happy and prosperous life outside of the military such as a service or companion animal and/or veteran preferred job opportunities. In addition to these programs we send gift packages to servicemen stationed overseas during the holidays and also address other individual veteran needs as they are presented to us.​​

We envision being the bridge for veterans coming from active duty service transition to a happy and healthy life outside of the military.​

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Not only are volunteers a vitle part of what we do, but you can also get great joy out of serving those who have served. Join our volunteer family and engage in some of the funnest activities around.

Our Testimonials

"First off I would like to thank Manny and Marcos for hooking me up with Hakim to do the primitive survival training. For me dealing with ptsd it was exactly what I needed to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with my inner self. The training was absolutely amazing and Hakims instructors are extremely well trained in all the areas of primitive survival that we covered. The primitive survival training I would recommend to anyone suffering from ptsd and tbi, once again thank you very much for the opportunity."
"Great group. They helped me so much. They came to visit me in the hospital and gave me so much. I never expected it. I'm truly grateful for this and will never forget you"
"My wife and I went to your event in Marion today and loved it, not only were we welcomed with open arms and treated very well, one of the members went out of his way to find someone to take me for a ride (which I loved) you guys are awesome and for a great cause, as a vet myself I salute you all...oh and BTW we are talking about getting a jeep"
"Hope showed up when I least expected it and it was in the form of Patriot Therapy."
"Great group of people, I am behind them 120% of the way. If there is anything I can do to help let me know, anytime, anyplace." 
"Really like what this organization is doing. Proud to support their efforts. Class act!"